Line Produced by: Bruce Wayne Gillies
Written and Directed by: James Mottern
Produced by: Celine Rattray Galt Niederhoffer Daniela Taplan
Executive Produced by: Pam Hirsch Scott Hanson
Starring: Michelle Monaghan Nathan Fillion Benjamin Bratt Joey Lauren Adams

Line Produced by: Bruce Wayne Gillies
Written and Directed by: Rodger Grossman
Produced by: Stephen Nemeth Rodger Grossman Matthew Perniciaro Kevin Mann
Executive Music Producer: Pat Smear
Executive Produced by: Michael LaFetra Todd Traina
Starring: Shane West Bijou Phillips Rick Gonzalez Noah Segan

Line Produced by: Bruce Wayne Gillies
Written and Directed by: Charles Burmeister
Produced by: Kevin Spacey Dana Brunetti Evan Astrowksy Fred Roos
Executive Produced by: Donald Kushner Elie Samaha
Starring: Val Kilmer Marg Helgenberger Wilmer Valderama Bobbe' J. Thompson

Commuter Confidential
Producer: Bruce Wayne Gillies
Executive Producer and Writer: Wendy Biller
Executive Producer: David Gadarian
Executive Producer and Writer: Christopher Hawthorne
Executive Producer: Jerry Offsay
Production Manager: David P. Richardson

Genre: Musically - Driven Drama
Plot Summary: WINSTON BROWN is an oppressed ghetto youth who pioneers ska music, the predecessor of reggae, and struggles for respect among the police, rude boys, Rastafarians, and dance hall DJs in this musically-driven, dramatic film portrayal that takes place in sixties Jamaica, TRENCH TOWN.

Genre: Family - Adventure Comedy
Plot Summary: Young KIP BATTON is on a field trip to a GHOST TOWN when he is left behind with his little sister and his best friend, all alone and no way to get home. Really, the GHOST TOWN is just a "front" run by bad guys - and Kip decides they should run them out of town - that's just the beginning of this fun-for-the-whole-family adventure.

Plot Summary: JENNY CALINGER, an undergraduate takes a summer college psychology course on achluophobia, fear of THE DARK. Everywhere THE DARK lurks Jenny's classmates are disappearing one-by- one!!! What you can't see, can hurt you - and there's no end in sight...

Rodger Grossman
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What We Do Is Secret
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What We Do Is Secret
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