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Indy Friendly and Cost Effective
  • Developing, Writing, Casting, Scouting, Prepping, Shooting, Wrapping, Post, and Delivery ...
  • Budgets, Boards, and Breakdowns - Order Now
  • Specializing in indie features, television, pick-ups, re-shoots, additional photography, 2nd units, action units, inserts, and much more ...
  • Utilize a world class creative and technical labor force in the largest filmmaking market on the planet
  • Maximize your money and take advantage of HFO's cost effective long-standing vendor relationships
  • Indie-friendly with a solid track record of well-crafted movies, on time and on the dime - fully bondable
  • Locations, stage, and practical field operations
  • Experienced filmmakers employing economic and efficient movie making management for an effective final product, with you or for you - you're covered
  • Production office space and equipment, turnkey operations, forms, contracts, more ... plug and go
  • Plenty of generous cost offsets producing viable alternatives and incentives to runaway production

Hollywood Film Office is your one stop shop, soup-to-nuts motion picture production services company

HFO helps navigate the local economy while providing
professional filmmaking standards and production services on a variety of both international and domestic projects

-producer, facilitator, creator-


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Rodger Grossman
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What We Do Is Secret
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What We Do Is Secret
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